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Tia Mitchell, AJC

Below you will find multiple example of Tia’s work in Florida broken down into four categories: Political News & Analysis, Column Writing, Blog Posts and Other.

(The picture above is of Tia interviewing a source at the Florida State Capitol during the 2017 legislative session.)

Political News & Analysis

Dark Money Two-Day Investigation
Part I: Dozens of Florida political committees being fueled by millions in ‘dark money’
12/10/16 (Campaign finance data, database creation, investigative reporting, analysis)
Part II: ‘Dark money’ spent to influence state political campaigns
12/11/16 (Campaign finance data, database creation, investigative reporting, analysis)

Florida legislators’ visit to Alabama casino is legal, but perception problem persists
1/23/16 (News article, scoop, statewide impact, investigative reporting, campaign finance)

Politics and process can obscure the human tragedies behind state claims bills
7/3/17 (News article, enterprise, statewide impact)

Voting access bill watered down after request from Duval elections chief Hogan
4/4/17 (Breaking news article, sourcing, legislative session dailies)

Mayor’s tactics on pension bill shed light into his approach to August voter referendum
4/30/16 (Enterprise reporting, in-depth analysis, campaign finance)

Column Writing

Tia Mitchell: Emergency spinal surgery gives lawmaker a new perspective on public life
10/24/2016 (Profile writing, featuring writing, widely shared and other publications later ran similar articles about this lawmaker)

Tia Mitchell: Chairman’s comments latest example of Democrats taking blacks for granted
6/23/17 (Analysis of an issue of statewide and national importance, fresh perspective)

Tia Mitchell: Legislative gridlock over economic incentives could cost taxpayers
2/17/17 (Breaking down the impact to readers of legislative gridlock)

Tia Mitchell: Black Lives Matter may not mean what you think it does
7/24/16 (National issue, insight, overwhelming reader response)

Blog Posts (Politjax blog has since been discontinued)

Rep. Matt Gaetz tweet about black lawmakers widely criticized
5/1/2015 (Statewide impact, “talker” with great traction on social media)

UNF building project gets no state funding despite BOG recommendation
3/6/16 (Scoop, budget analysis, higher education, led to immediate corrective action)

Did the black caucus and House leadership play ‘Let’s Make a Deal’?
2/24/16 (Analysis, politics, “talker” in political circles and on social media)

Feds walked away from health care talks? Chill. It’s just a vacation.
4/2/15 (Analysis and insight, health care)


Senate Democratic leader Arthenia Joyner talks about respect, racism and journey to Plains
5/10/15 (Profile writing, human interest, state politics)

An uneasy truce as FAMU Board of Trustees mulls concerns about president’s leadership style
7/13/15 (Ground breaking analysis, statewide impact, higher education)

Ann Romney’s job: ‘unzip’ Mitt
7/1/12 (Profile writing, national politics, presidential campaign)